Mary Button Durell Opening | Dec 18 | SOME.TIME.SALON / by Kimberly Verde

SOME.TIME.SALON | Mary Durell Opening   Friday 12/18  , 6 - 9 PM

SOME.TIME.SALON | Mary Durell Opening Friday 12/18, 6 - 9 PM

SOME.TIME.SALON will be showing new works by Mary Durell. In the living room: a round, orb-like sculpture that emanates a soft glow alongside biomorphic squiggles shaped by tracing paper and highlighted with neon orange paint. The orb feeds off natural light to emphasize its translucency, the delicacy of the process, and its complexity; whereas the vivid orange of the wall hangings capture and refract light. In the hall: an installation of paper wall hangings are Mary’s exploration into creating a more practical and approachable body of work in two dimensions. They veer away from the softer, curved lines of Mary’s other work into a linear geometry still focused on form and composition. This installation mimics Mary’s studio where the wall space is covered in bits of paper experimentations, a visual representation of her ideaphoria.