"In the Footsteps of the Masters" Opening at The Dryansky Gallery / by Kimberly Verde

February 12 – March 18, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, February 12, 2016, 7:00–9:00pm

Group exhibition celebrating the human figure:  Sarah AwadDaniel SewellMija

Sarah Awad,   Reclining Women  , 2014, oil and vinyl on canvas, 60 x 66 in.

Sarah Awad, Reclining Women, 2014, oil and vinyl on canvas, 60 x 66 in.

Sarah Awad's masterful, large-scale female nudes deal with formal aspects of space, shape and color that are in dialogue with Color Field Abstraction and Neo-Expressionism of the 80s, while weaving an unusual Fauve-inspired color palette through her figures. Daniel Sewell's spray paintings on paper draw heavily from the theories and conceptual ideas of Analytic Cubism. Using human body part cutout stencils to create his spray paintings, Sewell builds mysterious figurative scenes that harken back to the caves of Lascaux, with refined modern elegance and playful humor. Mija's works evoke classic etching and reveal her formal training and her influences, such as the Symbolists and the Nabis movement, while bringing elements of the body’s natural earthly beauty and the relationship of love in its simplest form.  To learn more >>

The Dryansky Gallery — "A Space Apart"

Sarah Awad

2120 Union Street (between Webster & Fillmore), San Francisco